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'Ano'ai Ku'u Wehi

...i ka ua kani Lehua means Greetings to my adornment, sitting in the pattering Lehua rains. A sweet and lovely traditional mele hula centralized on Hawai'imokunui (Big Island of Hawai'i). This is an “All inclusive” 8 week hula course and youʻll have access to all the AKW classes at the start. So when itʻs too much, STOP! Canʻt get enough, IMUA!…Itʻs all up to you.


Kahi Kēia ʻO Niʻihau

Kahi kēia ʻo Niʻihau is a humble, communal, hula noho that honors the unique Hawaiian Island, Niʻihau. The first hula kahiko in the repertoire of kumu hula Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu, who in turn taught every dancer who walked throught the doors of the Academy of Hawaiian Arts and now available at ⓘ


Aloha O'ahu (4 week hula course)

Aloha Oʻahu is the inaugural hula course of the platform (11/2020), and the template for future hula courses. This hula course is narrated with translations to bring better understanding to the downloadable lyrics and broken down into super easy to follow verses with step-by-step instruction, commentary, foot movements and hand gestures and features the musical accompaniment of Keao Costa.

Aloha O'ahu

Articles of Aloha (lecture)

Aloha is a very beautiful Hawaiian word. Do you have an idea what it means? Is there a word in your language/culture that expresses the same sentiments? If you know what that is, please tell us. Itʻs what the world needs now.

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E Laka e (oli pule) lecture-1

One of the simplest oli pule to learn, but understanding the many perspectives of Laka is difficult to explain in one lecture. This first lecture reviews the words line by line and their various definitions, to help you get acquainted with Laka and learn how to do this oli. 

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E Laka e (oli pule) lecture-2

What is the Laka, is it a theory, a spiritual thing, myth, legend, all of the above, or none the above? Hard to say huh? This lecture continues explaining the Laka from a controversial oversight, the entertainment perspective. It briefly reviews the lines and works on building oli retention.

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E Laka e (oli pule) lecture-3

Continues exploring the Laka element in connection to the forest (wao nahele), plants (lāʻau/kinolau), and the hula. Summarizes the words and topics discussed in the previous lectures and the usage of the oli.

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Aloha O'ahu (course extension)

If you got the 4 week Aloha O’ahu hula course and still need more a little more time, let’s get you reactivated.


Other Products

Kālai Pō Bundle (audio story/music)

If you love stories, youʻll love this…

Hereʻs a 365 day pass to Kumzʻs original story Kālai Pō. An urban legend of creation taken from “The Chronicles of Polikua”. Youʻll appreciate knowing this intriguing story when you listen to the creative versions of Pō Nui Auwaea, including the only actual live recording known today.