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ⓘ is proud to announce the next hula course, Kāwika. 

What many would consider a simple mele & hula is by far a misnomer. This 6 week all inclusive hula course is filled with intriguing manaʻo and historical perspectives commonly overlooked. This new course introduces 2 new steps, the ʻuehe/ʻuwehe and kāholo, building on the haʻalewa body movement previously taught in the ʻAnoʻai Kuʻu Wehi (AKW) hula course. Best of all is throughout this course are performance clips from Kumzʻs musical production, KingdomDenied. This 6 week hula course is an educational, entertaining and inspiring masterpiece that will keep you riveted for the 6 weeks of access and we welcome you to join us in learning this hula honoring King David.

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About 15 years ago I remember waking up to his voice outside my window. He was talking to someone...but who????  


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We salute you for taking the Aloha Oʻahu hula course. Great job everyone! Beautiful hula!

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