Hula Courses are more than choreography, it's discovery.

Discover your hula potential with hula courses created to help you become masterful and unlock the hula dancer in you.

"Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people"

King David Rex Kalākaua 

Kāwika Hula Course

This 6 week all inclusive hula course is an educational, entertaining and inspiring masterpiece that will keep you riveted for the entire access.


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Want a head start in hula or do some Hawaiian fusion fitness? FYI, itʻs easy to customize your workouts with DIY.
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See HBOD Hula videos here for free or on YouTube. Get an idea of the pre-hula basic workouts (ikaika kino).

Aloha O'ahu Gallery

Join us in saluting everyone who has already taken the Aloha O’ahu Hula Course. Check out the gallery and sign up for the 4 week hula course.
Aloha Oʻahu

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