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Whatʻs possible is just a step away from impossible. Courses can empower you with endless possibilities. 


Challenge your limits.

Everyoneʻs personal expectations are different.


Some already know what theyʻre looking for and others havenʻt a clue. In any case here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Ikaika Kino

pre-hula basics

  • 'Uehe
  • 'Uehe+
  • 'Uehe X-Treme
  • Pjʻs (Poly Jacks)
  • others...

Unlock your hula potential with the entire ikaika kino collection and empower yourself with endless possibilities.


Wāwae Hula

Foot movements (basics)

  • Ka'ō
  • Kāholo
  • Hela
  • 'Uehe
  • others...

Add the nā wāwae hula collection and elevate your skills and understanding of hula movements.



Kahiko & Auana

  • Kahi kēia 'o Ni'ihau
  • Ku'i Moloka'i
  • Nā Hana Nui A Maui
  • Wai'oli
  • others...

The hula archive is a la cart. Each hula is summarized with pertinent information, translations and step-by-step hula instruction.


See HBOD Hula videos here for free or on YouTube. Get an idea of the pre-hula basic workouts (ikaika kino).

Letʻs Learn Together

Weʻve designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your skill & understanding of hula.
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Aloha O'ahu Gallery

Join us in saluting everyone who has already taken the Aloha O’ahu Hula Course. Check out the gallery and sign up for the 4 week hula course.
Aloha O'ahu


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