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AHA Hula Classes 

Papa LńĀpule (Sunday Classes)

Sunday classes are¬†focused¬†around the hula development of our¬†keiki.¬†Hula & hńĀlau life is a great way to get started in hula as well as build¬†lifelong skills. The classes are separated by age. Often¬†the¬†more enthusiastic¬†achievers are asked to participate in the upper level keiki class.

10am - 11am: Keiki Class (ages 5yrs - 9yrs)

11am - 1pm: Keiki Class (ages 10yrs - 13yrs)

Papa¬†PŇć'akahi (Monday Class)

Monday & Tuesday nights are entry level classes. If you Ľve never danced hula¬†or¬†have, either way¬†everyone¬†starts here. All classes are designed to¬†expedite haumńĀna in becoming a hula¬†dancer.¬†

7:30pm - 10pm

Papa¬†PŇć'alua (Tuesday Class)

Monday & Tuesday¬†classes can be exhilarating as well as exhausting.¬†Nui ke a Ľo i ka papa hula¬†-¬†there Ľs much to learn at hula class.

7:30pm - 10pm

Papa¬†PŇć'akolu (Wednesday Class)

Intermediate level hula night.¬†2nd year¬†haumńĀna are joined by other hńĀlau members to forward their self mastery,¬†hula skills and AHA repertoire. Often haumńĀna opt out of¬†advancement, or assessed and asked to¬†repeat¬†the class.¬†The repertoire may¬†take a few years to¬†acquire.

7:30pm - 10pm

Papa¬†PŇć'aha (Thursday Class)

AKA Papa Hula Le Ľale Ľa, the happy class! Often but not always as intense as other classes. This class usually, but not always focuses on hula auana. Knowing the basics is recommended.

7:30pm - 10pm

Papa¬†PŇć'alima¬†(Friday Class)

Intermediate/Advanced/Masters class is by invitation. This class is for dancers with a higher skill set. Kumu and/or Kukui are always on the watch for haumńĀna who¬†have potential.¬† HaumńĀna¬†who are selected are usually asked to attend their assigned class as well as try out the advanced class¬†until assessed.¬†

7:30pm - 10pm

Papa¬†PŇć'aono (Saturday Class)

Saturday Ľs¬†are¬†left unscheduled and used for extra practices,¬†competition¬†training, special events, learning choreography, etc.¬†